Thursday, 2 October 2008

Big Balls

Here is the completed 'Dolly Mixture' knitted bead set;

And the 'Snow Drop' set;

These pictures are terrible and the beads look so much better in person, as it were. The white set are knitted with very fine and fluffy mohair so they came out slightly smaller, I may knit another bracelet with fourteen beads. It fits me but I have skinny wrists (well, I had to have something skinny) and if I knit another I can wear this one..... or if I feel really lazy I can just knit two more beads and re thread on new elastic? We'll see......

And I took this picture because I wasn't sure that you all appreciated just how huge my crochet yarn is;

Nathaniel carried it around all day. His new playmate now his sisters are all at school :-( I just love his feet in this shot!

Daisie xxx


Scary Mommy said...

Those are so pretty!! Nathaniel's feet are so adorable there! i just want to tickle them :)

Country Bliss said...

They are really great and should sell well. That is a huge ball of crochet cotton, I still haven't got to Lidl yet.

Jackie said...

That really is a cute photo. Maybe he could get a yarn-modelling contract!