Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Competitive Mum



Elizabeth came home from school yesterday with a letter explaining that the children would be reenacting a Celtic Battle (as this is the period of history they are studying at the moment) this Thursday and would need a 'costume' of some sort.

We rummaged in my stash and found this wonderful John Lewis fabric called; Celtic Scroll;

Last night I found her school t-shirt and took a basic bodice shape from it. I cut out the pieces and then left them as I was busy being a star (apparently).

After playgroup today while Nathaniel snoozed in his pram (it's hard work playing) I pinned them together and ran them through the machine;

I decided against trying to recreate an iron age zip so have sewn in some ribbon loops and will add two buttons tonight;

The bottom hem needs doing but I didn't want to do it until I have tried it on Elizabeth and made sure it all fits as it should.

I was going to knit her a shawl but won't have time to do it for Thursday as I have a very special order to fill for this lovely lady so am mostly knitting beads!!

Will she be the best Celtic princess of all or what?! She also wants to borrow the ring sling and attach baby Annabell to her. May or may not have time to make a miniature Celtic outfit!!

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

Duh............ and I thought you were called Daisie!
Elizabeth is going to look wonderful, don't forget we want to see photos.

Tip Top said...

Does she need a sword of some sort? I think I could find one if she needed it!

Sharon said...

That's really good, but you're putting me to shame! I need a costume of a character from a watery themed book by friday, I was pushing for a pirate. This morning she announces she wants to be the Rainbow Fish! Bugger!

Swirlyarts said...

You a competitive mum?? Never!! The dress looks fab.

Apple Valley said...

The dress is lovely, well done you.

twiggypeasticks said...

Really lovely dress, you mean you're not called Daisie? Someone asked me if my name is Twiggy. As a matter of fact it is, I have a posh double barrel name. Mrs Twiggy Pea-Sticks
Twiggy x
PS We used to do viking re-enactments years ago so could provide you with life size sword (it weighs a ton) and a shield in the Rochdale colours :)