Friday, 10 October 2008

Too Tired?

Blimey Swirly, what a wuss!

We have been out together today buying many fabulous things! We started off the day when we met up at Tumble Tots with Nathaniel and Tara, they had a lovely play, we layed on crash mats and chatted (we haven't done that in ages)! We were going to have a browse in the charity shops and then we decided to venture to Accrington instead. What a good idea.

I bought a book for Simon, a Sesame Street video for the children so they can see what Bert and Ernie look like (we refer to Simon and his friend Anthony as Bert and Ernie), a lovely knitted wrap around top for just £3 (there would have been a pic but the camera battery is flat), a number of lovely goodies for the children for Christmas, some size 13 knitting needles for an up and coming project, some balls of lovely wool, some Christmas tree decorations, a book for me to read at bedtimes and three amazing paper punches (heart, star and flower) that I found in the pound shop! Can you even believe it?! We couldn't either and I think that Swirly and I upset some of the locals with our squealing!

All this and a huge bag of fruit from the super cheap veg shop for little over £16, how good is that! And I'm not too tired, unlike my husband was out partying last night (yes, on a school night too) and is quite fragile today, ah, but not too big an ah!
Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

I'll make up for it tomorrow with a mega post of the goodies!

jennyflower said...

Good foraging! Is the wool for an icicle range?

Tales from the Crib said...

I so love a good bargain -- and those punches are fantastic! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and lovely to see yours!