Sunday, 5 October 2008


No, not the usual small roundish type lovelies but internet buttons that are purple and work thanks to my brilliant pal; Paddy! May have some banners for him to make for me soon. But we'll have to see just how much homemade handicrafts the techno man can stand!

And an enormous big thank you to Simon for putting it all online for me this afternoon!

Thanks my amazing man servants (NB: very tongue in cheek!)!

Daisie xxx


Julie said...

Oops missed out on the giveaway, but congratulations on 200 posts...may there be many more! Gotta say I LOVE your allsorts jewellery, very unique and completely fabulous! X

jennyflower said...

Man there's an idea.....I like it, can we have a giveaway for one of those next please? xx

Swirlyarts said...

Cool - the buttons, the buttons! I was trying to be like Quasimodo there but I don't think it worked :)

Jackie said...

A real live website! Thats very impressive. So sorry I haven't commented for a while..I've been very busy so now I'm doing a whistle stop tour of all the blogs I read!

Sharon said...

Cool buttons!! I've tagged you, pop by the blog and have a looksie!