Saturday, 18 October 2008

Small Gifts And Big Smiles

I must firstly say a big hello to the lovely Mo who bought a card from my folksy shop this week and left me the most wonderful feedback and then came here to say hello too (see last post's comments). Hello!

Simon has been working exceptionally long hours this week and is tired and grumpy and we have all missed him like mad. When he returned home at nearly 10pm on Thursday he was really low but brought a huge smile to my face when he said that he had a present for me. Ooh, says I. A big button that he found;

Anyone who truly loves me would bring me a stray button knowing that I would love it!!

Nathaniel I think is suffering from sore teeth and a bit of a cold (but he is training to be a man so more like flu) and has been very difficult indeed (good job I love him!) so not much has got done. I did manage to make the decoupage daisy toppers for the cards I have planned for the fair;

And I made some more felt tree decorations;

These photos are really hazy, don't know why?

We had lots of fun last night (being all together again) when the girls unearthed a wig in the style of a black bob. I bought the wig for Elizabeth when Francesca was very small, she dressed up as Zoe from Doctor Who (one of her favourite companions) to go to see the singing kettle. It is in dire need of a good combing but it looked rather cool on Nathaniel;

He'd make a very pretty girl! Nathaniel has a bit of a thing for wigs (or I have a bit of a thing for putting him in wigs), we have a brilliant pic of him in my Mum's post-chemo wig when he was just a few months old. The wig is a sandy colour and he did have the look of Rod Stewart. Mum laughed and laughed, the first time for a long while.

And we laughed so much it hurt when Simon put it on;

He doesn't make such a pretty girl but he'd be great as a stand in for Maureen or Barbara!! And in true spirit of the BBC; "Other kitchen towels are available!"

Have a lovely Saturday, Daisie xxx


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Maureen and Barbara, Susan and Janet. My favourite adverts of all time. They make me laugh out loud even now.
Nathaniel does make a very sweet girlie - sorry but as you said it yourself I don't feel so bad. He really is a cheeky faced monkey!!!
I've been making Xmas tree decs too. Will post later. Honest!

Purple and Paisley said...

oh my gosh - your kids are so adorable i just want to squeeze them! =)

jennyflower said...

Please tell me none of his students wll EVER see that pic! Love the triangle trees, I feel an embellisher moment coming on!

Tip Top said...

Nathaniel looks the best!!!! Now, I'd say take more as you never know when in the future this kind of evidence will come in handy!!