Sunday, 19 October 2008

Poorly Boy And Knitted Flowers

This afternoon Simon took lots and lots of photos (as only a man could) while Nathaniel had a calpol-wearing-off-growing-canines-snotty-nose-temperature-tired induced strop. This is one towards the end of the screaming when he was beginning to calm down. He looks so poorly, poor bunny!

I spent last evening knitting flowers. These were a suggestion from Jenny (cast on 10, knit arow, purl a row, knit each stitch twice, purl, knit each stitch twice, purl, cast off);

I have made spirals like this by not purling, just knitting, they look flatter but I couldn't find any to photograph (and couldn't be bothered to knit another).

I made some of these;

And some of these;

The red one and the small white one were made following the pattern. The larger one on the left I made by casting on in pink then changing to white and knitting a row and purling a row before casting off as the pattern. The other I made by following the pattern but casting on in pink and casting off in white.

I also made a petal following this pattern but it was very big (even on a smaller needle). Not really what I wanted although if I can find some bright red yarn and some yellow beads I may make a ponsettia type flower brooch for my Mum's Christmas present, shhhhhhhhh!

Right, leek and potato soup and early nights all round me thinks!!

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Poor boy! I particularly like the middle flowers but the pattern has a copyright on so I guess no good for my brooches! I usually make the rosettes with really big novelty fluffy stuff and then they come out massive!

Jude said...

Typical of daddies to take that photo.. wait till he's 16! Poor thing, mind, I feel rather like him at the moment, very painful abcess in gum, making me very tetchy to live with, I'm having strops and bursting into tears every few mins.
Take care

Swirlyarts said...

Oh no - poor Nathaniel. Hope he's feeling better soon.

twiggypeasticks said...

Hope the little poppet is soon feeling better, pretty flowers !!!
Twiggy x