Sunday, 26 October 2008

Bargains And Brooches

Hello, blimey, what a lovely day we had yesterday. The children and I got up early, leaving Simon in bed (See what a good wife I am?) and made breakfast. For some reason we didn't hear the post man when he knocked to deliver these rather marvelous Jeremy Strong books that I won on eBay for Elizabeth. With a bit of luck they may last her until the end of the week, I have never known such a veracious reader at only seven years old!

So because we missed the postman and I am going out on Monday (with no children, woo-hoo) we decided to leave Simon in bed and venture into town and then along to the sorting office.

I have been on a hunt for black leggings all week to wear with my knitted boots and big jumper. So we went into all the cheapie clothes shops and at first I could find no leggings but I did find this beautiful skirt;

For only a single pound, how good is that?!

Really rather summery but I may wear it over my leggings and boots with a big black jumper? I did manage, eventually, to find some leggings, they are few and far between. They were everywhere last year, look at me being a fashion follower, ha ha!

After lunch Lynsey came to call to give us one of her beautiful invitations and also to give me some of her amazing 'freecycle' envelope stash! What a great pal!

Then Simon's Mum came and joined us for a cup of coffee and a catch up.

I spent the rest of the afternoon knitting a lacy scarf for me (yes, for me!) with some brownie- purple yarn that I picked up last year with the intention of knitting something for me. The time has arrived. I am making nothing more for the fair until it is finished!

While I knitted Simon made the card backs for my brooches;

I used a free printable backing paper pattern I got from my Artymiss subscription but printed it out at A4 and then printed the text over the top. Because I did it like this and not smaller blocks of the same patter it means that every one is slightly different depending where it was on the sheet and where I cut it.

I think they look really good;

The photos are a bit bad as the flash is now insisting on going off for all photos as we enter the dreaded British Summertime!

Daisie xxx


Pixiedust said...

All looks lovely Daisie. I'm glad you got your leggings at last, I thnk the skirt would look great combined with them and your jumper and boots, very Bo-Ho. xxx Pixie xxx

Tip Top said...

Its a lovely big thumbprint you have over your lens - thats why the photos are a bit hazy!! Give it a very delicate clean!

Nice skirt - where from??!!