Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!

I can't quite believe that my baby sister is 18 but she is (we're all getting older......)

I made her this cute little felt badge;

And knitted her some buttercup coloured (as requested) beads;

And delivered them in this cute little gift box;

With matching tag;

And continuing this yellow theme, a ladybug card;

Bit blurry but cute!

We all went over for birthday tea and had cake!!

I had a great day out on Monday with my pal Gil and treated myself to some new scissors and she treated me to lunch! Very nice indeed!! Thanks Gil!

Yesterday saw an afternoon of making cards, eating cake and watching HSM 1 and 2 with some friends in preparation for today. 17 of us went to see HSM 3 at the cinema, it was heaving and there were a few squeals when Troy removed his shirt (not from the children but from pervy Mums, not me, I might add!). I really enjoyed it even though my nose was runny and my head was sore. Bloody cold virus!!!

Come back again tomorrow, I have a favour to ask you....

Daisie xxx

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