Sunday, 12 October 2008

Boots And A Dilemma

Well I spent some time this morning making an apron for my craft fair (big pockets for change) with some tea towels that I bought for 30p at IKEA ages ago. I have already used some for a present and made this one for me;

I made one for Elizabeth too as she will be coming to keep me company. Really looking forward to it. Girl bonding! We rarely get much time to ourselves and we'll have all day. There will be a big flask of peppermint tea (biscuits?) and some good books going with us too!!

I also spent an age wrestling with a big sheet and some patch work daisies, nightmare. I gave up and put that little project aside to do the ironing (yes, it was that difficult). Will go back to it in a little while when I have read all the new posts in my blog reader.................

Then after lunch my very lovely friend Claire asked if I'd like to go shoe shopping. Well, that is a bit like asking if I wanted to breathe in and out!! How could I say no?! We left our respective children with their respective fathers and off we went into the wild blue yonder (well up the road a bit) and I bought these beautiful knitted boots! Squeal! There're not genuine Uggs (as if!) but I love them and they are snug and cosy and knitted and ooooh! I could only love them more if they were purple!

The dilemma is.........excusing terrible photographs (tis hard to photograph your foot!) I wear them like this;

Or like this;

Or one of each as I did for the pics?! I must also appologise for my frighteningly white legs! At least because of the flash going off you can only see the white and not the hair! Haha!

Daisie xxx


Pixiedust said...

You do make me laugh, you should see my legs.AGGHHH. I prefer the boots the second way I think, and they are lovely! Good luck with the craft fair and love the apron. xxx

Sweet Mess said...

Those are SO cute!
I too like the second way best, but they look good either way honestly.
Have a wonderful craft fair!

Sharon said...

I like the boots pulled up too! Good luck for the craft fair!

Jude said...

Yes, that's 4 of us up to now, pulled up!