Friday, 24 October 2008


It's Friday, it's after 4pm and all my children are here with me. We have all hugged together and jumped up and down and squealed because it's the holidays!!!!!!! They are delighted because we have so many lovely adventures planned for the coming week and I am pleased to not have to pack lunches! The cries of "I said get your knickers on!" and "Where did you put it?!" (when asked where kit bag/reading book/lunch box/spelling book is) and "We are going to be late for school!" will not be heard in this house until 8am on Tuesday November 4th! Woo-hooooooo!!!!!!!!

And due to my busy-ness yesterday morning (before going for a lovely play at school with Francesca, we had a great time, she introduced me to all her friends, showed me all her books, around her classroom etc. Nathaniel had fun too, his favourite was definately climbing in the yard on the climbing frame and going down the slide!) of chickens and stuff I managed to sit down last night and knit these lovely rosettes;

The beads and sequins are ready to go on them tonight!

And here are my babies post celebration squeeze;

Daisie xxx


Pixiedust said...

Lovely pic of the mini daisies. I hope you have a lovely half term and get lots of fun stuff done. xxx Pixie xxx

Tip Top said...

Have a good half term!

Sharon said...

"Get you knickers on!" That's you telling the kids, right?! just checking!!!Have a good half term! x