Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Death Of The Chicken Hottie

The death of the chicken hottie (not The Death Of A Disco Dancer!), how sad. I have cut my last piece of yellow fleece with amazing scalloped edging (an IKEA bargain) into four chickens (2 small, 2 full size). I am very sad as I love these little fellows. Here they are waiting for faces and wings;

They will go to the fair with me. May have to have a trip to Ikea and See if I can get another but I haven't been lucky on that front for quite a while :-(

There were a few off cuts that are on their way to becoming taggy blankets for the soon to be arriving babies. Here's one I pinned last night;

Just need to find a nice gender neutral cotton for the back and hey presto!

I have a busy day ahead. I have been invited into Francesca's class this afternoon (in lieu of a parents' evening meeting) to see how the class works and to watch Francesca in her school environment. I am quite excited about it really. There will be time for a one on one chat with her class teacher too. I just hope that it's not like Elizabeth's first parents' evening when I came home in tears! Long story. The only sad thing is that because it's so early in the day Simon can't come too.

Then I am collecting Simon from college at half past three as we have an appointment with Elizabeth's class teacher just before 4. Then we can collect the girls from their sports clubs (Elizabeth is doing dance and Francesca is cheer leading!) and come home all together and eat together and maybe Simon will listen to reading books and read stories at bedtime. I am very excited and pleased as punch to have him home on a week night!

In between
all this school/parent activity I need to make a red dragon pie, wash the floors, sew four chickens and try and get Nathaniel to have a snooze before we go to school and maybe even have time for a cup of tea!!

Daisie xxx