Saturday, 2 August 2008

Some Craft!!

Here is Elizabeth with a card I made for her friend Myah (can you guess hold old she's going to be?). It is a pink sparkly frame with an acetate window filled with pink sequins. Think it is called a shaker? Am I right? I just do things that I think look nice, never too sure of the technical terms! Ha ha!

I was quite impressed with my handiwork which led me to get the Christmas things out and make some more;

I quite like the ones I made with the jigsaw frames, they have been in my stash for ages as I really love them but have never been sure how to use them. I could call the range 'a piece of winter'. See what I did there?!

Yesterday saw a trip to IKEA, yes, I could live there, it is true!!! We went to price up shelving systems for our super huge cupboard and to look at beds as we really need a new one, think it may have to wait a while though, bit pricey. I bought some wicker boxes for the girls to use for socks and knickers etc in their new wardrobes when the bedrooms are finished, the plan being they will only have a bed and a wardrobe so the room will seem bigger and they will each have enough room for their dolls' house to go upstairs and out of my way!

I also bought some lovely tea towels for £1 as I saw a tutorial about turning two tea towels into an apron, can't remember where though, anyone remember?

As the IKEA sale is drawing to an end many things are stupidly cheap, things you don't want usually but I bought plates for the girls, 25p each!! Elizabeth got a 'paint your own' kit for her 5th birthday so both the girls painted a plate with their name on. They are very tired now as they get used every day for dinner and I have been meaning to do new ones for ages. I ordered lots of lovely things for Elizabeth's party including some porcelain paints. So this morning, while Nathaniel and Elizabeth had breakfast (Simon and Francesca still being asleep) I made these;

I am no artist but I really like these!! If we are back at IKEA I may buy lots and everyone can have one for a Christmas present, keep it cheap, keep it cheerful!!

Daisie xxx


Kelcey said...

Those plates (and cards) are great! You are so creative... it is amazing.

Tip Top said...

Those plates are really pretty - well done!!

Stella said...

those plates are lovely!

((sigh)) I miss ikea...