Sunday, 31 August 2008

My Son Won't Eat......

At least that is what I was thinking until I turned my brain on!

He has breakfast, mid morning breast, lunch, mid afternoon breast, after school snack (banana, biscuit, cracker) with his sisters but he never eats tea very well.

After being worried for a while I began to think...... he sits on the kitchen side while I prepare the evening meal. This particular day he had eaten; the best part of a carrot, a nectarine, two strawberries, a left over from lunch bread stick and this piece of broccoli;

Is it really any wonder that the boy has no room left for tea!?
I vow, here and now to be more organised when the girls go back to school (next week, can you believe) and prepare the meals in the morning!
Daisie xxx


Jeff said...

That's so funny! I do the same thing- nibble, nibble, nibble but then eat a whole meal. No wonder I can't get these 20 pounds off!! :)

Scary Mommy said...

Crap. That was me, Scary Mommy. Dam husband stayed logged in. I hate when that happens!!!