Monday, 25 August 2008

Is It A Bird....Is It A Plane........?

It's a Daisie Dangle!!

How cool are these?! And all thanks to Swirly for the knitted bead idea that she spotted in a magazine, my knitting expertise (humour me) and Jenny and her 'behind the scenes' design advice. Both genius women and great friends. Thanks girls!!

This daisy one is on it's way somewhere, sure you'll find out where soon;

And this one has been nabbed by Francesca to hang from her school book bag (can't believe it's only another week and then she's a school girl, argh!) as "it has four beads and I am four!"

For those of you with no imagination (like Simon) you can hang them from your handbag, rear view mirror, door handle, any hook, window opening thingie (look at me being technical) anywhere really.

Off to knit some more....

Daisie xxx

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Tip Top said...

Fantastic!!! Those little daisies are very cute - you thinking of parting with any????!!!!!

And thank you for the fab comment you have just left on me blog about me big knickers!! Ideas pop into my head all the time, so much so that other things fall out like HAVING TO MAKE A SPACE ROCKET by tomorrow morning...... kids eh?? And I've only known about it for a month!!