Sunday, 17 August 2008


Blimey (think I started with that yesteray, must find another clean expletive!) what a lovely day. Am very tired due to much smiling, being kind and patient with other people's children, and not snapping at Elizabeth as she whizzed round the house on a cloud of excitement.

This was last night's birthday cake, a lemon and orange sponge with orange buttercream icing;

I saved the cake 'proper' for the party today. Elizabeth, with some help from Clant, decided on having a Dalek. She wanted it to be blue and here it is;

The plunger and eye could have been better but I was rather pleased with the 'bobbles'. It all tasted rather good too!!

Here are the porcelain trinket boxes and picture frames that the girls painted at the party;

I will bake them in the oven tonight and deliver them one day next week. The girls also made bead bracelets and designed some cards, they are all lovely girls and very artisitic and talented!

Swirly made an Adipose for Elizabeth, needless to say it's brilliant and she loves it;

I didn't realise until it was too late that I hadn't photographed all the girls with their super duper party bags. Here are my girls' bags;

They turn into nifty little rucksack type things, ideal for kit bags for when they go back to school;

Daisie xxx


Kelcey said...

as you said~ Blimey!
You must be tired! It looks like it was a lovely day. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!

Tip Top said...

Wow!! And they model the bags soooo well!!!!

Cracking cake too!! (clean swear wordish for you there!!)

Swirlyarts said...

I'm so glad she like the Adipose! Meant to bring my camera to snap a photo but forgot - doh! Did you see what Adipose was up to at my house before he got to yours?? It's on my blog!

jennyflower said...

Gosh, strike a light governor, would you Adam and Eve it? You could 'ave knocked me down wiv a fevva. etc. etc. Ace cakes, I'd like a slice of the orange one please!