Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Daisie's Sweat Shop

Yesterday saw a lovely rest for me, it was my friend Claire's birthday and the children and I went over with chocolate cake for elevenses and ended up staying all afternoon, the children played and I nattered and drank cups of coffee (and ate cake). It was just what I needed after the hard work earlier in the week. I also took this card (didn't taste as nice as the cake though) which I made with some wallpaper I stole (naughty me) from a DIY superstore;

With the bling you'd never know it was a blown vinyl wall covering!!

Then once the children were fed and safely tucked up in their beds my dining room turned into a sweat shop. I had a little production line of cotton bags for the girls to take their treasures home in from Elizabeth's party. Five to make. One is complete, three are complete except for threading handles and one is merely pinned together. Another hour later tonight and all will be ready. I like to think it's because I am a fabulous Mummy and I want everyone to still be talking about her party when they go back to school but really it is shameless advertising on my part;

Hopefully we'll get some good photos of the girls with them on Sunday. Think I am more excited about it than Elizabeth!!

Another playday away today as we are going to buy school cardigans and lunchboxes then we are off to my friend Gil's to have a picnic. But it has been raining all week and is still very wet today so Gil and her grandson Charlie have erected a tent in the lounge so it will be an indoor picnic but full of fun!!

Have a lovely day whatever you're up to!

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

You are a super-ace Mummy. Those bags are just genius. Had you thought of flogging them?

Tip Top said...

Fab card!! I also 'borrowed' wallpaper samples but have never got round to doing anything with them. Just not enough time in the day. Can you knit time machines?? Now there is a thought.....!!