Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Theatre Of Dreams

No post yesterday as the girls went with their Daddy and their Uncle Ant (affectionately know as Clant) to the theatre of dreams to watch the night match!! Very exciting indeed. Elizabeth has been before but Francesca naver has. Clant bought them both scarves to wear and there was much chanting of "Come on you reds!" in the car on the way to Manchester. Nathaniel and I dropped them off and then went for petrol and to feed Mum's cats and then home for a sort of bedtime before it was time to go and collect them. The girls piled into the car talking at the top of their voices very fast indeed at 10.15pm, blimey what a late night!! Made even later by the volume of traffic in that bit of town, took us an age to get back to the motorway by which time Nathaniel was awake again and full of beans. Francesca announced she was hungry (and so were the rest of us) so when we dropped Clant at home we went to the chinese chippy. Not much left and no chips :-( so Simon bought what was there and we were all sitting on our bed at midnight greasy and happy. Glad it's the holidays though and we didn't have to get up too early this monring!

The girls are very tired today but we have had great fun at the park with my friend Caroline and her lovely son George. Quick bath and bed by half six. Snores within minutes, hope they get enough rest as we are having a playday tomorrow.

My little embroidery project is coming on very well indeed, there will be pictures when it's finished.

And I seem to have made my daughter look like Whigfield;

Daisie xxx


Anonymous said...

For anyone interested, the match was Mancester United v Juventus. It ended 0-0.

Brazilian substitutes Rafael da Silva and Rodriogo Possebon impressed on their Old Trafford first team debuts.

Kelcey said...

I have no idea what half the things are in this post, but I must say, it sounds like an awful lot of fun!

jennyflower said...

Whigfield, fotty with the lads and midnight munchies....what will the girls do when they're teenagers?! Actually probably best not to even think about it! x

Daisie said...

Yes, anonymous, whoever you may be, all that information was included in my post, all you had to do was click the hyperlinks (you know the funny coloured underlined text)!!
Let me know your name next time you come to comment!
Thanks, Daisie xxx

Anonymous said...

No pictures?

Tip Top said...

Hahahaha - Wigfield - you cruel, cruel mother heheheh!! If I had girls I'd do the same hehehehe!!!

Football?? Nah, BORING!!!!!!!!!!!