Thursday, 14 August 2008

Plarn And Laundry

Blimey, that there post title makes my life sound soooo exciting. Doesn't it?!

I forgot to mention that my friend Gil gave me this yesterday. I saw it mentioned on Twiggy's blog and was sick to the very pit of my stomach that it was that saturday that we didn't buy a guardian! Gil saw it, thought of me and saved it. She is wonderful! I had browsed it online but I am old fashioned and I like paper pages. So while flicking through it I saw how to make plarn (plastic yarn) from old carrier bags and then knit them into shopping bags. Very green thought I. Right up my street! Let's go chop up some carrier bags.........

I could only find three as I tend not to get them as I use my own bags and have done for ages. I didn't let this hold me back though and heartily chopped them up and joined the bits all together. I found the fattest needles I could (bearing in mind almost evrything is boxed up in the attic) and cast on 30 stitches, knitted two rows and that was one carrier bag gone. At this rate it will be a very small shopping bag indeed. Must get some carrier bags! Then I started to green is it to actively aquire plastic carrier bags to turn into another kind of plastic bag?! Think I may have to put up a notice at nursery/school and ask for donations of used carrier bags. They do have lovely orange ones at Sainsbury's though........

My mind is in turmoil.

"Well, what would you do? If your Mother asked you?!"

This is the laundry hanging in my kitchen;

I have washed the contents of the dressing up box. I do this from time to time and chuck out anything too tatty. Just thought it looked funny while I was doing the washing up and wanted to share!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

I've got a bag of bags if you want them??!!! Send me an email and a plan can be hatched!!

Candeez said...

You've just reminded me of my laundry. I hadn't given it a thought for over a week. That must be why clothes are spilling out of the utility room into the kitchen.Mental note ..Must not spend so much time making jewellery or on the computer next week.