Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Dare Devil Davies

Here's my son, he knows no fear;

Francesca decided (with some intensive Mummy persuasion) that her princess would look much nicer with a simple love heart on her dress, as apposed to the princess she wanted last night. She drew it on this morning and now the panel is finished;

I really like it!! My original plan was to frame it with pink fleece and back it with the same so I could stuff it to be a lovely cushion (obsessed, me, with cushions, I think not!?!) for her bedroom. Now I am thinking of getting her and Elizabeth and maybe even Simon and I to do some and make a giant patchwork quilt to go on my bed when the room is finished...............watch this space.................

Talking of our new room........we may only have one wall and no ceiling yet but we do have new lamp shades! *grin* A big one for the centre pendant and two small ones for the bedside lamps;

I didn't crop this photo as it shows a perfect snap shot of our house; the Van Gogh on the wall (I love him, we have one in every room, not original, obviously), the precariously balanced piles of felt and embroidery thread, the bottles of Simon's red marking ink, a school attendance certificate, two silver bud vases that we acquired for somewhere (?) that are sad and tarnished because they have no official residence yet, you can see the edge of a ginger pot that my Nana gave me years ago that I don't like too much but won't be parted from and of course a small Tupperware box, what's in it? Who knows!! Small plastic boxes cover the house filled with buttons, bits of ribbon, baby mush, paper clips...........if ever you need something, I will have it in a box somewhere!

Still got the hand sewing bug and am making a surprise for someone, shhhh!

Daisie xxx

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Tip Top said...

The finished item looks fab!!! And I like the idea of the quilt!