Thursday, 14 August 2008

Look What I Got!!!

Gil's garden was lovely yesterday, a little wet and a lot muddy but the sun shone for a little while and the children managed to play outside. They took lots and lots of pictures and these were the two that were in focus;

The played near the pond and we kept our fingers crossed that nobody would drown, and no one did, hurrah!! They dug for worms and found three, one was reportedly very fat. They spied green tomatoes and green strawberries and yellow courgettes. Gil and I had trouble spotting the children at the end of the day as they were brown all over. They stripped off in the garden and while Gil hosed the wellies I scrubbed the small people. I ended up bringing my girls home in their knickers as everything else was so wet and muddy!

The post man brought me a parcel yesterday morning. I thought at first it was something for Elizabeth and my excitement grew when I saw my name on the front. Look what I got;

Jenny posted a pic of her son Will wearing some lovely grandma designed trousers and I noticed that the curtain behind him was a match for my new lampshades. So what did the lovely Jenny do? She found the off cuts of material and sent them to me!! How lovely!? I will make some cushions I think for my new bedroom! Also there were some lovely sparkles and shapes for cards and a badge each for the girls. Thanks Jen, you're a star!!

Hoping that the rain will clear soon so I can go and dig my new flowerbed and plant some daffodils for the spring and put the poor ivy in the ground that has been sitting in it's pot far too long!!

Daisie xxx