Monday, 4 August 2008

My Little Princess

Well, after embroidering a bicycle for my Dad, I have the hand sewing bug (ooh, sounds nasty!!). Francesca drew a rather beautiful princess yesterday and I can't keep all the pictures they draw (we have enough crap in our house already) but I like to find a place for special ones;

I have had to crop quite alot off this pic as I wrote mum and dad's french address on it by accident, der!

I copied the picture onto some heavy cotton (only fabric to hand) with a pencil;

Francesca had a good root in my bag of thread and chose the colours she will be;

I was really pleased with the progress I had made inbetween feeding mum's cats and visiting some friends and carrying a ton of bricks down stairs (don't ask) and making lunch and washing dishes and encouraging my poor tired husband in his handimanness.

Just before bed Francesca announced that the princess wasn't finished, she didn't have a picture on her dress! How silly of me not to have realised! So she drew another princess on her dress for me to sew tonight;

Off I go with thread in hand.................

Daisie xxx


Kelcey said...

SO cute!

what a good mum you are!

jennyflower said...

You are really quite ace at that whole sewing pics thing aren't you? It looks brill, isn't it amazing what you can get done while the kids trash the house?

twiggypeasticks said...

That's lovely, Twiglet is still very free form when it comes to drawing so there would be lots of squiggly lines to follow :)
Twiggy x

Tip Top said...

Fab!!! Beautiful princess too!

Jackie said...

Thank you for your suggestion..I dare not take my ears off..I'd lose them!
Lovely idea for handstitching..just think how many bicycles you could do on a sewing machine!