Monday, 18 August 2008

French Fancies

My parents returned from their long summer break at the little house in France yesterday and bought us all some lovely goodies. Mum found me some buttons last time and I was thrilled to bits so this time she bought me back three bags;

I just want to tear open the bags and roll in them but that would be madness, wouldn't it? My parents already think I am quite mad and I didn't really want to reinforce that in their minds.

Both girls got shoes. Francesca got some blue sandals with red flowers on and Elizabeth got some beautiful floral espadrilles. Nathaniel got some lovely blue body suits, now all we need is some sun!

As it was Elizabeth's birthday Mum and Dad also bought her a wonderful little outfit. Striped leggings, a long tunic and the most amazing little jacket. Here is a close up of the jacket and the little rag dolly brooch that is on it;

I think I may have surprised her when I took this pic?!

Dentist tomorrow morning, oh joy!

Daisie xxx

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