Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Perils Of Duplo

I made a sale on folksy yesterday, woo-hooo! Very exciting. I realsied there had been a sale when I was at a friends and said oh have a look at my knitted beads. She dutifully did as she was told but couldn't find the bracelet, where's it gone I thought? It's SOLD!!!!! And the beauty of Folksy is that (for the moment at lest) they are only UK sales so this lovely lady bought the item yesterday lunchtime and it will be delivered throught her door this morning. My US buyers have to wait a week (or sometimes more) and I think it's quite frustrating.

I have listed some more knitted beads in my etsy shop and some wonderful new cards in my folksy shop. I am just having a creative burst at the minute, it feels really good.

I still have the post in my head that I was going to share with you last week but I feel duty bound as a mother and a responsible parent to share with you the perils of Duplo;

This picture doesn't really tell the full horror of the injuries. Nathaniel, in his 'I have just learned to walk'(ish) mode fell forward and landed on his head. Bad enough, eh? But as I picked him up for a Mummy love I realised he had fallen onto a duplo brick that was on the carpet as his sisters had been building him a tower to knock down. He has six perfect little circles indented in his flesh. Two perfect rows of three. Two on his forehead and two on the bridge of his nose and two further down. As you can imagine he had (and I think he still does) the headache from hell. But after some infant paracetamol and a lazy afternoon playing with his friend Li-Bau he seemed much brighter if no prettier;

It's a good job he's as handsome as he is really or his looks would be spoiled, poor baby, am not looking forward to when it goes all yellow later on in the healing process :-(

Daisie xxx

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Tip Top said...

Oh dear! Ours was always the dining table that Samuel tripped over (how??) and he's had some massive bruises on his face....

Knit him some bricks!!