Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Got up this morning to find I had made a sale on etsy, woo-hoo! Off my little hottie goes to America!

This spurred me into action and I have listed a couple of new Christmas ranges (I know it's only August but it's never too early in craftland to start thinking of Christmas) in my etsy shop and I am doing a special offer until the end of September.

My lovely sister came to lunch today and brought the girls some new felt pens. Elizabeth drew around her hand with every colour and made this;

I thought it was very beautiful and it gave me an idea;

My hand was too big to draw around again and again so I just drew around each of my hands once, joining them togther at the little finger. I doodled a design on each finger and turned them into a peacock type bird. The finger feathers looked better before I curled the fingers, won't be doing that next time. I will draw round Francesca's hands in the morning and use them as a templat so that the edges of the bird don't hang over the edges of the card and then it can fit in the envelope.

Daisie xxx

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Kelcey said...

YAY for your sale!
and the peacock is fun too!

(ps, thanks for your thoughtful advice/thoughts on my vaccination post a while back, that was very sweet.)