Friday, 22 August 2008

A Change Of Plan

I did lots of making yesterday and some fabulous new knitting, Nathaniel has been particularly amusing and I had last night's blog post all mapped out in my mind......

Then, after popping to the post office and delivering a card and buying some more cat food and a visit to the park we went to collect Simon from work early. How nice of us!! He climbed in the car and said blimey (we both do that) what a beautiful evening it's going to be ( bearing in mind it had rained until 3pm) lets go to the sea side!

How could we say no?

So off we went, heading towards Blackpool. I was the first to see the tower (doesn't everyone do that?)! We went along the coast waving at the sea all the while, it waved back too! Ha ha!! To our favourite fish restaurant in Bispham. How can you be near the sea and not eat fish?! The girls were wonderfully behaved, I like eating out with them, the assume more adult ways and there is no fighting like at our dinner table. They ate all their meal and finished off with ice cream.

Then after a quick trip back to the car (the evening was nice but not warm) to collect coats we headed down to the sea. We walked on the sand, admired the wind farm off the shore, got quite wet and looked for tiny crabs in the sea weed. Didn't find any this time, they must already have been in bed!

The sun was setting as we were leaving, the sky looked beautiful;

Nathaniel was pooped;

We all had such a wonderful time, thanks Simon!!

Daisie xxx

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Scary Mommy said...

So cute! I adore the last photo- proof of a wonderful day at the beach! :)