Sunday, 24 August 2008

Beads, Flowers and Peacocks

I have made some more beads this morning (I might add here that we are not yet dressed and to be honest it's not long until bedtime so we may not bother).

My poor Father-In-Law popped over this morning to bring me some coloured carrier bags (for exciting plarn knit-wit flowers, keep watching) and was greeted by me in my knickers and yesterday's t-shirt, very nice am sure (NOT)! He didn't seem overly bothered as no one else was dressed either!! He also gave me this wonderful book he picked up in the Rossendale Hospice Charity shop;

It is full of some wonderful projects; embroidery, applique, quilting, and there is a knitting pattern for this;

Don't worry Nathaniel, Mummy wouldn't be that mean......or maybe she would.....?

The children and I made a lovely box picture for our new bedroom (when it's ready). I drew around their hands onto some card and cut them out, they then drew around the shapes onto papers that they picked from my stash. I have layered the hands up with foam pads so it has a wonderful 3D effect that you just can't see on the photo;

Another reason for not being dressed (apart from being really lazy and far too busy knitting beads) is that I spent alot of yesterday out in the garden. I have dug a huge flowerbed where once there was just concrete, into it I have planted lots of daffodil bulbs so it'll be really colourful in the spring, some ferns for all year round colour, Elizabeth's lavender bush (it didn't like it in the pot and I'm hoping that it will be better in the open ground) for fragrance and lots of random bits of ivy that will hopefully cover the garden wall and then Simon and I will not have to scrape it and paint it every other summer for the rest of our lives!

There are still some stone flags that need to be cut and put in place before it is finished but the children and I took advantage of the sunshine (while it lasted) yesterday afternoon and played ball. Nathaniel loves to be outside and I think it will encourage him to walk, he doesn't like the feel of the stone under his knees. He has taken lots of small steps and managed six steps across the dining room before he fell down the other day. Everyone is asking "Is he walking yet?" and it really annoys me! Both his sisters were 18 months before they walked and there is nothing wrong with taking your time, it means you fall down less when you do walk! Anyway, I digress, backache is why I am not dressed. There will not be pics of the garden until it is ready. So for now I will show you how well Francesca's flowers are growing;

My knitting needles are calling me.....

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

He'll walk when he's wanting to get to something fast! Samuel was 13 months and Jacob 17 months and I was not worried!

Garden sounding good!!

Sharon said...

Lovely cat jumpsuit! Very inspiring!x