Monday, 3 March 2008


Well, we all thought spring had sprung but we awoke this morning to flurries of snow. We were all very excited but sadly it didn't stay :-(

The sun has been shining in between snow showers and Francesca and I got a cleaning bug!! She is a domestic goddess in training, and here she is mopping her bedroom floor, what a treasure!

After our lunch yesterday we planted our seeds, Elizabeth is growing Busy Lizzies (well, what else) and Francesca is growing Lobelia and Petunias to fill our hanging baskets in the summer. We keep looking but they are taking ages (so says Francesca) to grow, keep watching there are bound to be more pics of these as time goes on...

And when I cleared a space for them on the kitchen window sill I noticed that my orange tree has some little oranges on it. They're not ripe yet so I suppose technically they are greens, not oranges but am still quite excited!!

Anyway I need to go and do some more of my knitting, it's nearly there and just needs a few more rows and sewing together so hopefully all will be revealed tomorrow.

Daisie xxx

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