Sunday, 30 March 2008

Tidy House?

Well, the day has been eventful, we haven't got dressed all day!!! Bad Mother, again! We've had a lazy day, Simon spent the morning in bed with a terrible tummy ache (I think the same bug that Elizabeth and I have had) and the girls did many interesting things with the bricks, Nathaniel tried to join in but got no further than eating the bricks, bless. I will post some pictures of their creations (and they took many) soon.

Just wanted to do a quick one tonight and show you my new tidy work station, this is the tidiest it's ever been (no, really)! I found loads of things that I forgot I had, it's been like Christmas.

Let me take you on a tour; this table sits behind the door into the kitchen so is a general dumping ground for all things paper and items belonging to the children. When my cry of "Tea's ready, clear the table!" this is where everything ends up! The green drawers were bought by Simon when we moved in here (1997) to store our, wait for it, cassette tapes. Needless to say we moved onto Cd's and then moved on again and now have MP3s instead. The drawers are now full of lovely toppers and embellishments for cards, card blanks, envelopes, stamps and inks, stencils and lots of other interesting things. On top of the green drawers is a huge stack of beautiful handmade papers Simon bought for my birthday. In the yellow box are cut out bits from last year's Christmas cards, ready to be turned into gift tags for this Christmas. The magazine boxes and the top shelf are where I store my SAMS card, great for all sorts of occasions. On the left of the top shelf there are reels of bargain ribbons, many of which have not been put to use yet.....The margarine tubs are filled with off cuts of felt that I use for badges and to decorate the Daisie Davies Gift bag. The bottom shelf has flat boxes with loads of compartments, these are full of buttons and tiny pegs and ribbons and sequins. Under those are boxes of acetate sheet, Simon made me stock up as he believes the time of the OHP may soon be over! There are loads more things hidden away and you can see on the right the assorted children's craft boxes and pencil cases. And last but by no means least, my trusty guillotine is there for all to see.

This is just paper crafting, wait til I show you a picture of my fabric room!

Night, Daisie xxx

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