Saturday, 22 March 2008

Retail Therapy

Once we were organised yesterday me and the children went to a craft shop nearby where I had some birthday money to spend (from my brother) and it was like being in heaven, a little on the expensive side, but wonderful none the less and it wasn't like spending real money!! I bought, amongst other things, a large paper punch with the image of a dress which I have had my eye on for a while. Later we went out to our cash and carry and I bought some beautiful handmade papers (love fancy papers) and here is what I made whilst slurping wine last night:

While sorting out my dress photo I found a cool one of Nathaniel, we should call this 'Things To Do With An Infant Whilst Cooking' Number 3; give child large comedy vegetables!! Haha!!!

The snow is beginning to fall and the forecast is for much more over night so hopefully we'll wake up to lots of lovely whiteness and we can go for a walk in our wellies and throw snowballs then come home and get warm and eat chocolate easter eggs!

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Congrtulations on your beautifull new punch! Anna ate nearly a whole raw parsnip on a trip 'round Sainsburys the other day. Luckily we didn't get arrested! (in fact the till guy was really friendly and a bit mad and thought that one day I might find her replete and bloated on our allotment, turned into a pumpkin!)

Daisie said...

Francesca used to do that with brocoli, we'd arrive at the till with a large green stalk!