Friday, 7 March 2008

Can You Guess What It Is Yet?!

Here is Nathaniel 'helping' me with my latest knitting project, can you guess what it is yet?!

Francesca has had a cinema day at nursery today, the children each had to bring a twenty pence coin to buy a ticket (the chairs are all numbered and they have to find the right seat) and two ten pence coins; one for popcorn at the interval and one for fruit at the end. Francesca of course needed a purse to take all her money with her so I knocked together a quick 'Ella' type purse for her yesterday afternoon but it had to be pink! She's rather pleased with it!!

Hopefully the knitting Nathaniel is doing will be finished after the weekend and you can see my lovely new creation. Am planning a crash course in crochet when I can pin Mum down to a time, quite exciting, I like acquiring new skills!

Daisie xxx

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