Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bought Myself A Present

Well, after being told off yesterday for spending my time ironing by Jennyflower, thanks for that! I have spent the day pretending to be a "Lady What Lunches", I have had coffee this morning with my friend Caroline who then took me looking at clothes and I bought myself a new top (well it is nearly my birthday) and here it is, (excuse the dodgy photo, I took it myself with the help of the landing mirror) I just love purple flowers!!

And later went to my friend Lynsey's for lunch, which was rather nice, (thanks Lyns) and after lunch while our bigger children played I sat with my small boy asleep on my lap and drank tea until it was time to go home. What a lovely day I have had!

I am now fully rested and ready for my evening with a poorly boy but I will NOT be ironing, I will be in my pyjamas with my knitting needles out, watching crap telly and drinking hot chocolate in bed. Not sure what I'll be knitting yet but I have plenty of time for inspiration to grab me!

Daisie xxx

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jennyflower said...

Well done, much more like it! I found you by happy accident. If you go on to your blogger profile it should list all the things you put down as our hobbies. If you click on knitting for example it will bring up a list of the bloggers who also put down knitting! Clever hey? All this talk of knitting makes me itch to pick up my needles!