Thursday, 27 March 2008

Happy Birthday Simon!!!

Well, it is my lovely Hubby's birthday today. Happy Birthday my sweet!!
He has a few silly presents that the girls and I have gathered over the last few weeks but I wanted to show you what we have made for him.

Here is a Dragon card (he likes dragons and has two tattooed about his person) I made in the same style as my sparkly window cards. The dragon is drawn (by me) on acetate sheet and attached into a window in the card, this causes a lovely shadow to fall on the inside of the card when it stands up, the effect is quite cool. He seemed to like it!!

The girls also made cards, Francesca doesn't believe in market research and only makes cards that she would like to receive, this one has Cinderella on the front. Elizabeth designed a Ferrari style car and drew herself and Simon in it which is slightly alarming as neither of them can drive!!

We printed some photos off and put them in a nice frame for him to take to hang on his office wall at work so he doesn't forget what we look like and he secretly likes to show off his beautiful children.

The girls (with only a little help from me) painted a wooden racing car. It came in a kit with paints etc. Francesca started and painted the biggest flat surfaces red, Elizabeth continued the red on all the fiddly bits; the spoiler and fins (I can feel a telling off from Simon coming, may not have the correct technical terms). I had to paint the wheels as they had a habit of turning whenever the brush got near them! I also painted a red helmet on the little man and Elizabeth drew him a face!

We're all rather pleased with the end result and here he is:

Simon was at work stupidly early this morning and is working late tonight so we are having a 'grown up' birthday tea tonight (ie: something the children don't like so we never get to eat otherwise). I am not making a cake today as he won't be here for us to sing to. He is pretending to be the queen and having a birthday today but an 'official' birthday on Saturday when he can lie in and we can have cake and a proper birthday tea all together!
Have a good day, we love you Simon!!
Daisie xxx

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