Sunday, 30 March 2008

Am sewing again... seems like ages since my machine was last out and there were tiny bits of annoying thread all over the floor that make the drum of my vacuum so colourful. I took an order on Friday for a dress, similar to the one on the website but in a larger size. It has a wedgewood blue t-shirt top and a full pleated skirt in linen with a beautiful blue bamboo print.

I made the dress last night and while my mind was thinking of amazing things to do now the machine was out and plugged in I made a little shoulder bag with the off cuts of fabric. Then while awake in the night feeding a small boy I realised I could make a fabric flower with the off cuts of the blue jersey. I made the flower this morning after breakfast and have mounted it on a brooch back so that it can be on the bag or on the dress or on a cardigan over the dress, the possibilities are endless!

Not sure what the rest of today has in store for me but as we're in the UK we seem to have lost an hour in the night and it's supposed to be summer time???

Daisie xxx


Sharon said...

Hi!I love your brooch idea! Really cute! And an impressive amount of sewing for someone with a small baby!

Daisie said...

the small one is ok, it's the two big ones who insist on joining in!!!