Monday, 17 March 2008


Elizabeth was stupidly sick yesterday all over my bed, ugh! An even with Simon trying to contain sick in one place it was all over the duvet and the sheet and the pillows and on the cushions! We stripped everything off as quickly as is humanly possible while trying to soothe a distressed child but it had seeped everywhere. A friend washed our big duvet as she has a HUGE washing machine but sadly it wasn't dry last night so Simon and I spent a chilly night under our summer duvet and pink fleece blankets from the girls' beds. But what was more annoying was only having one big cushion on the bed. We use them to prop up and read or watch telly or have long intellectual conversations (snigger) and last night none of that could happen as we had to share a cushion! So this afternoon Francesca and I knocked out a few more;

Simon is working late tonight and I can't wait for him to come home and sink into the cushiony loveliness that is our bed!

And more importantly Simon and Nathaniel will be really comfy the next time they do this;

Elizabeth is much better now!
Daisie xxx


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you haven't even felt how squishy they are yet!!