Friday, 21 March 2008

Croissant For Breakfast!

Blimey, what an appalling blogger I have been this last week. Apologies for lack of posts, didn't realise it had been so long. To be truthful not much has been happening!

Well it's the beginning of the long Easter weekend and both the girls and Simon are at home for four whole days, woohoo! Haven't made many plans but will see what the weather's like and what we feel like.

This morning Elizabeth, Nathaniel and I came down to have croissant (Asda had run out of hot cross buns yesterday) in front of the fire as it was very cold and both Simon and Francesca were fast asleep. The children had a late night, we went to visit some friends and the children all went off to play and I sat and nursed a coffee and had a lovely chat. Thanks Alison!! But it had turned 8pm before they were in bed, Elizabeth seems to be OK but it'll take Francesca a few days to catch up!

Here are my babies having their breakfast picnic;

Off in a while for some retail therapy (have some birthday money to spend), hopefully show you some pics soon.
Daisie xxx

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