Friday, 28 March 2008

Cheap Hats!

It's just been me and my boy today as the girls both do a full day at school on Friday, we miss Francesca but have fun together even if the house is a little quiet!

We played 'boo' when we changed the beds and Nathaniel thought it was very funny when I climbed into the shower to wash the tiles, so much so that he gave himself hiccups! Poor lamb with only a crazy mother as entertainment!!
We have prepared a wonderful tea and washed floors so my home is all lovely and ready for the weekend (don't forget it's Simon's official birthday tomorrow)!

While doing a bit of a shop this morning I came across something for the girls, although I feel a little bad about it. When your mother makes hats and all you get is the left over sale items from Sainsbury's you may class yourself as a neglected child, must give them the childline number later!! But at £1 each I couldn't resist the bargain and they are quite cute, what do you think?!

Daisie xxx


twiggypeasticks said...

Cute hats, your little ladies look great. I love your blog, your children are very cute. I've had a look at your website and can't wait until you have some little boy stuff!!

jennyflower said...

Hope you are having a lovely day. The hats are smashing, £1 is totally irresistable! Thanks for your support I am still shaking slighty.