Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Things To Do With An Infant Whilst Cooking

Number 2
Place child safely at the back of the kitchen work surface and give said child a packet of mange touts and anything else he can reach and seems interested in. Proceed to stir fry chicken and vegetables. Remember to never stray far, small people can move very fast!

This was the fun we had last night while Elizabeth did her spellings homework and Francesca was doing something equally important so Nathaniel was either to cry by himself or help me cook. He seemed quite happy and may have learnt some new skills at the same time, he'll make someone a lovely husband one day!!

Not much making and doing going on last night, am really tired at the moment and Nathaniel is having terrible trouble growing his teeth (am sure the girls never had such problems) but have found you can crochet quite well with small children attached! Still a bit slow and not overly fabulous but keep watching...

And finally here is Francesca at breakfast time when she discovered that the seeds she planted on Mother's Day have sprouted:

Daisie xxx

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