Sunday, 23 March 2008

Good Egg!

Well the snow was there this morning but wasn't up to much and we ended up spending an age in the bath and then going to have lunch with my Mum and Dad so no long walks in the snow today. It is starting to fall again and hopefully there will be enough to make a snowman (or snowwoman) tomorrow.

We spent so long in the bath because yesterday my Dad arrived with the most amazing Easter egg, not only does it not make you fat or rot your teeth it also makes you smell lovely! It came from lush and is in my favourite fragrance; 'Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds'. The bath bomb had seaweed in it too so we pretended to be mermaids!

The children were given far too many chocolate eggs so we melted some down and made crispy cakes with mini eggs on the top, they'll be delicious tomorrow with a hot cuppa when we get in from our long cold walk (if there's any snow)!
Am off now to knit (making a present for my friend's 30th birthday soon) and watch naff telly and maybe help get rid of some of the Easter eggs!

Daisie xxx

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