Monday, 24 March 2008

A Family Expedition.

Well the snow didn't arrive, instead we awoke to glorious sunshine and chilly winds. The need for a walk was mighty so we wrapped up warm and set out on a Davies' Expedition!

Here are my lovely men:

Along the way we met an obstacle; a huge tree which must have fallen down in the high winds we had last week. We had lots and lots of fun getting over it to go on our way;

After two hours and maybe as many miles (we only go slow because Francesca's legs are not yet long enough for great speed) we were very cold and snow flakes began to fall from the sky so we made our way home. Boots and jeans needed to be removed at the door, we were very muddy and wet. The girls immediately snuggled down with hot-chocolate and the plan is for a lazy afternoon and we may even watch 'Cats' and have a good old sing-a-long!!

Hoping you are also warm and snug,
Daisie xxx

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