Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Laughter and Makes

We went this morning to school to collect the girls PE kits, Francesca is modelling the smallest size (and she is considerably taller than alot of her peers) and Elizabeth is modelling the next size up. I am sure that school buy them like this so as to amuse the teaching staff twice a week!

We laughed alot and then packed them away with nice clean pumps in their bags. We also bought new book bags, needless to say they are now decorated with a Daisie Dangle or two.

My lovely friend Claire was bought some flowers a few eeks ago and she saved me the packaging;

Mmmmm, lots of lovely things! Claire started her new job today (am going to miss her, don't mind telling you) and I made her a 100% recycled card;

The blue/silver backing paper is a piece of a water proof kitchen roller blind. It looks really shiny and slick. The silver square is from a box of chocolates, the pink net is from Claire's flower bundle, three buttons from the french lot my mum bought and the ribbon I have woven through the net is from the shoulders of clothes (you know the little bits that the shops tangle round the hangers to make trying them on a nightmare), I have a big pile of these that my sister replenishes often for me :-)

I have made this lovely squashy hot water bottle cover for a friend who is very poorly. It looks quite posh (I must get a better camera, or just get better at taking pictures) and expensive but cost me around 50p to make. It is padded so has a quilted effect with the mother of pearl buttons;

I bought some brooch backs from a lovely lady on folksy last night and they arrived this morning so I made these Daisie felt badges;

Elizabeth has already claimed the orange one and the other is on it's way to her friend.

Bath and early bed tonight as we're all off to school tomorrow, the end of the holidays is here :-(

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Fantastic!! You won't miss your kids in kits that bright!!

Pixiedust said...

Lovely craft creations daisie, I love the little badges. I've finally finished my sheep, I never finish much.

Swirlyarts said...

Hope Francesca enjoys her first day at school!