Thursday, 25 September 2008

Busy Bee

Well, the things on the list are slowly being ticked off.


I really like the simplicity of this love heart one;

I decided not to put names on these ones but just to make a pile and let the children choose which they wanted to give to their friends. I have three more cut out ready to sew together tomorrow.

I made a few cards with felt pictures on them;

The picture is a bit naff but the cards are good, will be making some more like this.

And the custom order is no more :-( bit naffed off but at least I hadn't started to make it yet. So no time wasted and I am busy at the moment making stuff for the craft fair so not too disappointed.

Forgot to buy kirby grips and glitter spray so will be off shopping again tomorrow. I did, however, manage to buy a huge chicken (free range, corn fed etc) we don't often buy chicken these days as my conscience and purse can't afford it! Anyway, I practically barged people out of the way when I saw this £15 bird reduced to only £3.26! I have roasted it this afternoon as it was near it's sell by (that's was why it was cheap) and carved it all up. Made a big plate full of nicely sliced pieces to have tomorrow with roasted veg and Yorkshire puddings (who says they're only for beef?!), a huge jug of lovely gravy from the pan juices and I made a litre of good stock with the bones. I used some of the stock to make soup for tonight with the meat picked from the bones and whatever veg I could find in the fridge;

Nathaniel scoffed his! Maybe if we're lucky there will be enough for sandwiches on Saturday!

Only a boy card to make now and hair stuff to get for Francecsa, not bad considering I forgot to take the shopping list out with me! Don't know why I make them really, they are never with me when I get to the shops, always on the table or stuck on the fridge.

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Hehehe!! Fab pic of the soup and the hand reaching out - MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

carolyn said...

I like the pink one with the heart too, it looks awfully snuggly.

carolyn said...

Thanks for the heart!