Thursday, 11 September 2008


I do seem to have stirred something in the blogging population just recently don't I?

Twelve comments on my rant post, phew, that's lots! I think there have been lurkers for some time and they've only just popped by to say hello. Shame they all have the same name though, anonymous! There were four of them when I last looked. I do wish that some people would 'have the courage of their convictions', I can't help but think that if you believe strongly in what you are saying you should be accountable for our opinion. It is only an opinion after all. I don't really care if you agree with me or not. I know very few women who have fed their babies themselves but I have lots of friends. It would be terribly boring if we were all the same.

Can I thank Julie for leaving a wonderful comment pointing out the other pit falls of bottle feeding, it is global, not local and it is a bad, bad thing! And thanks to everyone else, I love to know what people think, even if I'll never know your name.

Perhaps child rearing should be up there with subjects not to be blogged about like religion (don't get me started) and politics but I fear that would make blogland a very dull place!

And if you go back to the original post the rant wasn't really that bad and most of the comments made were in response to anonymous#1's attempt at comparing me to a bovine animal!

Anyhoo, nuff said!

And not wishing to offend anyone else here are some of the cards that Nathaniel and I made yesterday afternoon for Christmas;

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

Well done Nathanial,you are a clever chap!!! Yes, as you said there are some subjects best kept clear of on blog sites.
The feelings we get from caring for our babies are very deep, so if we are unable to do some of them, it can make us feel miserable, inadequate............
Take care

Anonymous said...

I was one of the anonymous posters and I chose to be anonymous because my blog-id is also my company name and I do not want my personal views to be linked with my business. My name is Emma and I know ethelandedna.

I was responding to the comments rather than the original post and I stand by them.

This world certainly would be a boring place if we were all the same, but we're not so people should be able to choose how they raise their children without being made to feel guilty when reading "holier-than-thou" comments left on people's blogs.

Anonymous said...

I'm Anonymous.

Spartacus said...

No - I'm Anonymous

Country Bliss said...

Hi, I've just found your blog and I've had a good chuckle. I so agree with you on the feed the family for a fiver and other matters!
Great Christmas cards, I'll be back again.

Kelcey said...

I don't discuss politics on my blog because I don't want to offend my grandfather. However, I do take the plunge into discussing parental decision-making on my blog at the risk of being at odds with other people's opinions... I too think it would be a boring world if we all censored ourselves as not not offend anyone at all...

I firmly believe that breast milk is better than formula. I have a lot of compassion for those that can't nurse (for whatever reason) and want to. Even if you don't nurse just because you don't want to, I think it is harmful to equate any choice a parent makes (as long as it isn't abuse) as "bad". I think we all need to have more compassion for all the different circumstances that lead each individual parent to make the choices they do.

That said, I DO have judgement against the formula companies and hospitals that push and promote their products over breast milk. In the hospital where my daughter was born they SAID they were in support of breastfeeding, but sent me home with a slew of formula crap.

Thanks for having a tough skin Dasie! and I am happy you are so passionate!

jennyflower said...

Wow, I think it is safer not to discuss certain things. I always expect others to be tolerant ad kind and find it shocking when they aren't. I agree that unless something is damaging to another individual the best policy is live and let live. I can't believe that I heard this at a managment training day but I did; 'seek first to understand'. Great cards, you're an inspiration!

kaekaesmummy said...

Wow! what a debate going on here.Whipped up quite a stir as well as some fab crimbo(i know you hate that word hee! hee!) cards.
I think Daisies point has been totally missed altogether.
The rant was about the advertising of formula milk on tv which in HER opinion is "Plastic shite" She never said people who used formula milk were bad parents.
I myself still breastfeed 10 months on through several bouts of mastitis and many,many sleepless nights. I found that the expressing of milk brought on the mastitis and therefore bought small cartons of said 'plastic shite' for times when i was not at home or when it was my much needed sat or sunday lie in. (Hubbie and i take turns)
My baby is not old enough yet for cows milk and therefore also has 'plastic shite' on his cereal every morning as i refuse to stand over his bowl and squirt on his weetabix. He is also offered 'plastic shite'from a cup in the afternoon when with his childminder (Boo hoo! had to go back to work).
I decided to breastfeed both my children as i personally feel it is best for me and them.(Son is currently sporting a t-shirt reading 'mums to lazy to bottlefeed' which i must admit is very true.)
This debate, i feel, is highlighting the need for more support to those who choose to breastfeed ( my heart goes out to the lady who had lots of problems) i too have not found it easy and without the support of my friends(daisie, you know i luv ya) family and the doctor i would have probably given up.
The idea should be to raise awareness amongst the younger generation that they do have other options, not just cow and gate or aptamil(which is all you ever see on tv ,no breast adverts, are there?.) NHS professionals should also be aware that they do no favours by Strictly stating one or the other. Breast or bottle is 'crap' to do both is fine, it's whatever works for you.
Finally, (thank the lord for that i hear you say) I think to compare child birth experiences, lengths of labour and levels of fertility is taking the whole thing a bit far. Whether its 20 mins or 20 days lets just agree that its bloody well, down right, ridiculously painful before, during and after and leave it at that.I will leave you with a quote:-
"Theres no such thing as an easy pregnancy,labour or birth." (Claire S, 2008)