Friday, 26 September 2008

Another Hottie

I have made some more hotties today, wanted to show you this one as I have done the stitching in a deep blue so you can really see it well on these photos;

But they seem slightly ridiculous today as the sun is shining and it's really warm! I hung my washing out in the garden before the school run this morning and it was nearly dry when Nathaniel and I returned after the drop and a quick walk into the town to buy some kirby grips, didn't forget today! It is so hot and lovely that Nathaniel has just 'helped' me repaint my toenails and find my Berkie's. I dug my boots out of the bottom of a box a couple of weeks ago as I was fed up of having cold, wet feet! Now I am fed up of having hot feet. Bloody weather!

Hoping it stays warm tomorrow so Francesca can be the most beautiful princess at the party and not have to wear her coat over the top. Can't wait to do her hair and stuff, she gets so excited that it's quite contagious!

I am rapidly approaching 200 posts, blimey, do I never shut up?! Apparently not, sorry! So will have to do a give away early next week, thinking cap on........ it may be a Christmas themed prize as that it where my crafting brain is at the moment.

Off to collect the girls from school and swing on some swings in the sunshine on the way home!

Daisie xxx


Country Bliss said...

Lovely hotties. Like you say it seems strange at the moment the way weather is, I think we need to make the most of it though as it's meant to change on Tuesday. You'll have to get your boots out again.

Tip Top said...

Love the pink and blue together!