Saturday, 27 September 2008

A Lovely Day

Well, although everyone woke up far too early for a Saturday it has been a lovely day.

Here are my babies enjoying cheese on toast (a weekend treat) at breakfast;

And I think we made the princess even more princessish (is that even a word?);

She sat very still and was very good at passing clips while I did her hair. It survived the party too and didn't look too terrible when I went to collect her. I am really glad that she chose to wear her 'wedding' dress as there were duplicate Snow Whites and Belles. They all looked very beautiful though. Happy birthday Ella!

While the princesses were partying Elizabeth was partying on the other side of town. I managed to grab some time to sit while everyone was enjoying themselves and made these;

I get lots of strange looks when I arrive at kids parties with a bag of knitting or some sewing to do but I figure it only makes me all the more interesting. No?

Children all very tired now, they have had some fruit after the party and are on their way to bed soon. Simon and I may even order take out, that would be nice! There is a bottle of wine in the fridge too.......

Have a lovely evening!

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Will mental after a sugar fueled 'High School Muscial Party', God it's my idea of hell, but well mellowed with wine and good company so all is right with the world! xx

Julie said...

What a beautiful princess....... Hope that you enjoyed your wine and take away! X

I Believe In Fairytales said...

gorgeous children you have and it's nice to see people still love handcrafts.

carolyn said...

A perfect day!

Tip Top said...

Awww!! And so good a posing too!

Jackie said...

I hope you enjoyed your takeaway.The princesses hair was lovely!