Monday, 8 September 2008


When uploading the shoes pictures I found this one that Simon must have taken on Saturday night. A baby boy with pringles;

What a morning we have had! Francesca is only at school this afternoon so we went into town after dropping Elizabeth off with the intention of buying Nathaniel his first shoes. He screamed and wriggled and didn't want to play at all! He refused to stand up, he wouldn't walk, nightmare! I must thank the lovely Heather who spent more than an hour with us this morning. She went and found him a car to play with, she left us alone for a while, she came back again, she managed (in fits and starts) to try on and fit two pairs of shoes. Thanks Heather, you really earned your money this morning!!

I said; "show me your new shoes!" (excited Mummy voice) and he did this;

This is the Nathaniel version of f*** off and leave me alone! He is still not a happy boy!

He has worked out that he can undo them and take them off, I will be searching for my staple gun later!

My baby boy is really turning into a big boy now!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Cute! :)

Tip Top said...


My two were no trouble at all getting their first shoes. Jacob (at 17 months was not walking) but still decided he needed shoes. I'd just informed the sales person that he can't actually walk so it may be difficult to see how they fit. And then he walked nearly the width of the Clarks shop..... Seems he just needed shoes to do it!!

Kelcey said...

cute shoes you finally fit on him!

Anonymous said...


Its Heather from the Clarks Shop ! Thank you so much for the card it really made me smile :) I hope that he gets used to his shoes and likes them even if its only a little bit !!! And i hope to see you all in again when its time for a new pair !!

Thanks again an take care Heather xx