Thursday, 18 September 2008

More Meals From Daisie's Kitchen

At Jenny's request here is another family meal for less than a fiver. She is having a giveaway too so go have a look!

I decided to show you this as Elizabeth came home from school last week with a letter inviting parents into the school kitchen for a course in feeding children. My eyebrows raised instantly! They were offering to teach us how to make; "soup, from scratch" (is there any other?!), "Family Shepherd's Pie" and "A Healthy Pizza" Needless to say, I haven't signed up for this one!!

So here is;

Daisie's Shepherd's Pie

You will need

Onion, chopped (20p)
400g minced beef (£1.75)
3 sticks of celery (20p)
4 large potatoes (50p)
stock (7p)
butter/milk to mash

To Serve

1/2 bag of carrots, chopped anyway you like (25p)
a dozen runner beans (free from my Dad's garden)
1/4 bag of frozen peas (27p)
broccoli (63p)
Bit of bisto (other instant type gravies are available), see how precise I am (4p)

I know I used beef so technically this is cottage pie but here anything with mash on top (unless it's red dragons) is Shepherd's it saves a lot of confusion!

Brown mince in a hot pan. Remove mince and drain fat, sit to one side. In the same pan sweat the onion and then add the celery, chopped however you like it, and mince back to the pan. Add a little stock and allow to cook through over a medium heat.
Peel and chop potatoes, boil until tender, remove from heat, drain and mash.
Put mince into an oven proof dish and layer mashed potatoes on the top. I like to fluff my top up and then you get crispy bits;

Peel, and chop other veg as usual and steam while the pie is browning either in a hot oven or under the grill. I tend to make mine during the day so I have more time for reading books and homework and spellings after school so mine goes in an oven to warm through, if it's still hot from cooking just brown.
Bung on a plate, eat and enjoy!

Francesca dressed up especially;

The funny face is because she is trying to smile without showing everyone the food in her mouth, should have waited really but I just couldn't get over the headdress!

All for the grand total of £3.92!

Daisie xxx

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Kelcey said...

I love these menu, price-break-down posts!