Tuesday, 23 September 2008

English Weather

To say we have had no real summer this year isn't really an understatement. It has been cold and wet and thoroughly miserable with maybe one or too fine days thrown in here and there. Ask any UK resident and I'm sure they'll say the same!

This week however it has been beautiful. Not overly warm but dry and sunny. Today I have stomped through fallen leaves with Nathaniel on the way home from playgroup and we even found conkers!! Autumn is coming I think.

So it seemed a little odd making these;

When the sky looks like this;

Christmas crafts are still being made in abundance here at Daisie Towers (that came to me the other day when thinking over something else because I thought we should rename Lynsey's blog Swirly Heights, don't ask why, I don't know!!) ready for my up and coming craft fair, ooh, excitement mounts.......

Off for a meeting at the new children's centre near school to sort out lots of new exciting projects for me to be involved in. I need something more to do to stop me missing the girls now they are back at school.

Hope it is sunny where you are too!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Swirly Heights sounds too posh! Hope the meeting went well.

Jackie said...

Oh don't!
I should have been making my christmas stuff inthe summer when it was raining and now its nice and I can't go out!! BOOHOO!
(Have you noticed how the weather forecasters are all pulling gloomy faces and saying how awful it is in the SOUTH EAST!)