Wednesday, 17 September 2008


My very poorly friend has just let me know that she is being admitted to a large Manchester hospital and will probably be there for a month (at least), I don't have all the details as she had things to pack and two small children to explain to. Feeling very small, insignificant, useless and frightened I uttered the words; "If there's anything I can do....." as we all do when bad things happen to people we love. Her reply was one I was not expecting. She asked me to shout from the roof tops (figured here was as good a place as any to start) and tell everyone that they must be registered here so that more people have the chance of finding a bone marrow match and a chance at survival. I would love all my UK readers to have a look and a think.

I am knitting black beads to match my mood.

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Oh no. Are you ok? I've just done a post on Cuteable and that will hopefully help to get the word out to everyone and I'll do one on my blog later. xx

jennyflower said...

We're on, have been for ages. I am thinking of you and your friend and sending warm, well, healing thoughts. I am sitting one person away on my sofa from someone who got better from leukemia. We had a scarey year and am really glad that we are at this end. Let me know if you need anything......