Sunday, 21 September 2008

I'm A Fire Starter.....

Twisted fire starter.......

It was so sunny we decided to have a barbecue!!

The sepia toned picture isn't meant to be arty, we just accidentally pressed a button on the camera!!

Simon even did some cooking;

The girls had a lovely time, shame it's so late in the summer (?) and we probably won't be doing it again this year.

Nathaniel loves a sausage;

The worried expression is because he thinks someone will take it off him!!

There is some charcoal left so the children and I may wrap up on evening after school later in the year when it's cold and toast marshmallows. I have never done that before, they are so good! I ate them until I felt sick and had to stop!

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Please let me know next time you do this, it looks magical. And if you weren't actually sick, you didn't eat enough.

Summer by the sea said...

Hi there - it was a lovely weekend wasn't it, it looks like you all enjoyed the BBQ - my son is also called Nathaniel! - Natalie x P.S - I have been on the Anthony Nolan register since I was 16 - I was sent for further tests once about 10 years ago regarding a possible match but sadly I wasn't.

Tip Top said...


We are going to have a bbq on bonfire night and do the marshmallow thing then as the boys have never had them red hot and burnt!

Weather permitting of course!

Julie said...

Hi there, just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I think that I may have read some before then lost you, never fear you are now on my favourites and I look forwared to reading more about your lovely family....X