Sunday, 7 September 2008


My baby Francesca stayed away from home for the very first time last night. The girls were parted from me while Nathaniel was in hospital during July but other than that we have not been apart. I have missed her so much. She has just phoned to say that she doesn't want to come home but wants to stay and have her lunch with Granny :-( I would have gone and got her at 7am when I woke, so would Simon if truth be known.

Elizabeth didn't want to go and stay so we let her stay up late and watch 'Enchanted' and eat pringles! Really good fun! When she went to bed Simon and I watched 'King Kong', this link is not the one we watched but I thought it rather funny and surely everyone knows what King Kong is?! For no other reason than it was on when we turned the DVD off, it's so sad, I cried!

I made some more brooches yesterday;

Elizabeth is at a party today so I made this card;

And then added the flower brooch;

This last pic looks better than the others, I think it had just got darker so the flash went off! Will be making more of these!

Off to take Elizabeth to the party and then off to collect Francesca and be careful not to squeeze her so hard that she stops breathing!!

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

I too watched King Kong. Its sad I know but didn't you hate the slimy pink things in the creepy crawly scene?

Daisie said...

I know!! I had to look away, I hate slimy things at the best of times, ugh!!

twiggypeasticks said...

It's hard when they're growing up isn't it? Twiglet is going to be spending a day a week at Nana and Grandads when I start my new job. He's excited, Nana is VERY excited and I know they'll have a magic time, but where has my baby gone?
On a less me,me, me note:) your brooches are lush, I LOVE the card. Keep up the good work
Twiggy x